Inox security doors SD

Security doors of  Series SD provide safety in combination with absolute modern character because of their variety of designs and colors.

Constructed by electrogalvanized sheets ensure the ultimate safety and protection. Internally they have high density sound and thermal solid material. The combination of frame in inox anodizing colour  with external aluminium profiles in any color of your choice provides  a variety of designs and high resistance in lifetime and weather conditions. Also they have heavy line hinges and safe lock with five steel rods.

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The 13-15 steel rods (depending on the size of the door) constitute the lock system of the security door ALFA.

The extra steel sheets internally of the frame increase the resistance and ensure ultimate protection against any intrusion.

The E.P.D.M rubber insulators around the frame and the sheets of the door, as well, the aluminium windscreen at the bottom contribute to tightly lock of the door and provide excellent sound and heat insulation.

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