Facades - Building Shell

The sun protection louvers provide two of the most important aspects in contemporary construction – the protection against overheating during summer and controlled access of natural light.

These features ensure comfort and overall improvement of the living environment for the inhabitants and contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. The system E66 offers multiple variations and hanging methods.

In addition, the ETEM team has developed ETEM Pro software which determines the general energy properties of complex facade structures, forecasts the energy effect and analyses variations and optimization of combined structures.

The E66 offers:
Sun visors various types and sizes, from 150 mm to 600 mm
• Rich color, releasing creativity scholars
Optional self-cleaning finish an important advantage in urban environments
Many variations and different ways of mounting
Horizontal, vertical, parallel or vertical installation in the building
Can be used as a pergola or shed roofs over front door
• Manual or electronic drive the slats