Ε45 belongs to the new generation of thermal insulated opening systems. With the primary concern to conserve energy in building structures, E45 is designed to meet a great variety of functional and aesthetic requirements.

Thanks to a wide range of profiles, the system offers a variety of design options, from classical, narrow face straight lines to rounded contours and the ability to construct a variety of complex typologies such as parallel sliding and tilting doors, parallel folding doors and opening frames using “concealed” sash giving uniform external appearance in combining opening and fixed frames.

The E45 system is a 60mm width sash (straight line profiles) and by implementing innovative design with variable length, 24mm to 30mm, polyamides, it renders superior performance characteristics in its category, with thermal insulation value of Uf = 1,9 W/m2 and sound reduction reaching 42db.


Ε45 offers:

• High energy savings (thermal insulation) due to low Uf values
• Exceptional in its category (60mm width) water tightness and sound reduction characteristics
• Solutions for all construction needs
• Straight-line and rounded profiles
• Perfect quality/cost ratio
• Maximum security as it is possible to use multiple perimetric locks
• Capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

• One-sash and two-sash inward or outward opening doors
• One-sash and two-sash tilt & turn windows
• One-sash and two-sash tilt & turn balcony doors
• Doors and windows combined with fixed frames
• Composite corner constructions
• “Volkswagen” type balcony doors
• Multiple-leaf folding constructions
• Showcases
Fixed Frame (min depth) 60 mm
Sash Frame (min depth) 67,5 mm
Min height – Combination Fixed Frame-sash 82,5 mm
Glass thickness 10 mm έως 49 mm
Max sash width(mm) X sash height(mm) 1600 x 1800
Sash width(mm) X Max sash height(mm) 950 x 2300
Max sash weight (kgr) 140 kg
Thermal Insulation (UF) EN 10077-2 1,9-2,7 W/m2K
Water Tightness EN 12208 E1950
Air permeability EN 12207 4
Resistance to wind load EN 12210 C5
Sound reduction up to 42 dB
Burglar resistance WK2