DOMINAL GROUP  was founded in 2006, at a time of suffering developments in Greece, and has established itself as one of the most reliable construction & installation aluminum & synthetic PVC frames joinery companies. The action of the company is reaching all across Greece.

Our strength relies to the anthropocentric nature of the company, the ongoing investments & our obsession for the perfect result. Our reputation spread by word of mouth, because with our experience, we offer personalized solutions, adapted to each economic situation of the consumer.

We also work with professionals from all the spectrum of construction and building looking for a wholesale delivery of ready-made certified frames in Athens and throughout Greece from Thessaloniki to Crete. Over the last decade , we’ve built partnerships with builders, contractors, traders, architects, engineers, bolstering our continued expansion, making us ready to support even more.

Our main concern is to offer superior quality products of the latest technology, with great efficiency, time value & security  guarantees. Our eyes are constantly turned to the latest developments in order to bring the future to the present.

We aim to offer all possible options to meet the need of each customer. With our direct services and unmatched variety of our products, we make sure that every family have a home of comfort, aesthetic beauty, safety and maximum energy, as well as economic benefits for the next decades!

Our priority is to be close to our customers in every step of the process, and exceed expectations. We build relations that rely to trust, immediacy and consistency. At all stages of consumer choice, we advise him according to his wish. We understand the needs and preferences, and propose all possible solutions, to choose the one that suits him best.

After the construction and installation of the systems, we call to make sure that our client is fully satisfied from our products & service. We respond quickly whenever you need us, for whatever information you may request us.

All our products are of the highest European standards and are accompanied by certified documents, with guaranteed quality of the larger firms. Dominal Group bears the CE marking, which is mandatory for all frames produced and sold in the EU by February 2010.


Our Suppliers